Molly Yeh’s Hazelnut Gelt Cookies

We are still in the season of miracles, also known as Hanukkah! We’ve been celebrating at home since the evening of November 28 and honoring the Jewish side of our family. Every evening we tune in to the live stream of Temple Israel and get to share with our community.

Hanukkah is one of the holidays I most look forward to celebrating every year, one that is always filled with joy. My favorite recipes for Hanukkah are potato latkes (of course!) served with sour cream and fresh green onions; a traditional brisket recipe that Dan always makes; and Molly Yeh’s delicious hazelnut gelt cookies. I so admire Molly’s creativity and brilliance and it shines through in all of her recipes. The hazelnut flour makes for a rich, dense cookie, and it’s so fun to decorate them with sprinkles on top of the melted chocolate. I’m also super grateful that we live in an era where having an inter-faith and multicultural household is celebrated.

While this is not a recipe of my own creation, it is so, so good that I feel compelled to make it every year, and I wanted to highlight it as the ccookie of this week because it’s a household favorite. If you want to make these hazelnut gelt cookies, head over to Molly’s blog for the recipe. I highly recommend it! Happy Hanukkah! Wishing you a bright season full of love and light!

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